Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Ends...

I don’t normally do ‘looking back’ posts, but 2015 was particularly interesting.

The year in freelance was good, lots of work for the always awesome Gun Metal Games on some really fun projects, with the opportunity to stretch my creativity and design some demons, as well as interpreting ideas that came in from Kickstarter backers. I got to only one convention, Dragondaze Charity Con - lots of fun, but I’m wondering about UK cons as a viable business idea for the work I do, at least without re-tooling the stock I’m selling. Something to turn over in my head a little more.
I got to do a little work for Pinnacle, the startup Arcanomicon (congrats on hitting your KS goal!), and I ended the year working on a longer-term basis with Cubicle 7, which is how I’m going to be entering 2016. It’s very enjoyable to be working on so many different projects, and virtually alongside some tremendous artists; it feels like an excellent place to be right now.

In Ludlow, this coming year will be my last full one as Ludlow Art Society chairman. In 2015 the LAS we navigated a (rather more abrupt than we'd expected) change of exhibition venue from the College’s Harley Centre over to St Laurence’s Church, which is a tremendous place and amazingly supporting of the LAS; hopefully we’re at the start of a lasting relationship here. We got more heavily involved in Fringe events (with brilliant local support - thank you especially to Mr Adam Tutt who put up with a lot of prep and storage of kit for the Paint Jam in and around Chang Thai), and we’re looking forward to getting stuck in again this coming year - plans are coming together right now. 2016 will be a milestone, the Society’s 70th year, and we’ve got a few ideas in mind to mark the occasion, and a strong programme for the next 12 months.

Thank you to all my friends for making this such a good year.

See you all in 2016 - when I'll unveil some new projects - and a very Happy New Year to you all!

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