Sunday, 19 November 2017

Twitch Stream - Graffiti Thumbnails

I said the next post would be Terror of the Darklords part 2, didn't I? I have it ready, but then it feels more pertinent to put up recordings of livestreams pretty soon after they take place, and I did this one yesterday evening.

The idea is to begin exploring ideas for my next graffiti piece, and that means thumbnailing. I've changed how I edit streams once they're done, so rather than auto-uploading to Youtube in 15-min sections, I download and then upload longer sessions. Given that, I'll try embedding Youtube videos of the streams, rather than linking to them on Twitch (it seems easier to do that in Blogger right now):

Part 1, up to the tea break:

Part 2, until I hit connection issues:

Part 3, when I could bring the connection back up and finish the stream:

Thanks for looking, and I (probably) will be back with some TotD pieces for the next update :)

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